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Release Channels & Preview

Release channels

Prisma has three different release channels:

  • Alpha: The alpha channel is ideal for contributors and developers who want to try new features as early as possible. Features on the alpha channel are not fully tested and might see significant changes before they are included in a stable release.
  • Beta: Features on the beta channel are tested and unlikely to change before the final release. The beta channel is a great way to try new features and provide feedback before they are available in a stable release.
  • Stable: We recommend that you run the stable channel on your production servers. Releases on the stable channel follow a bi-weekly cadence and only include very minor changes compared to the beta channel. This ensures that the combination of features in a release has been thoroughly tested on the beta channel.

You can learn more about Prisma's release process in this blog post.

Preview vs Final

Some Prisma features are released in a Preview. The Preview stage is orthogonal to the release channels, meaning a feature that's released in Preview still goes through the "normal" release channels: alpha, beta and stable.

Preview means that the API of the feature is considered stable, but there might be significant internal improvements as long as the feature is in the Preview stage. If a feature is not in Preview, it's considered Final. All features that are not explicitly released in Preview are Final by default.

Prisma 1.34 has the following features in the preview stage:

Beta access

Prisma CLI

You can get access to the latest beta release of the Prisma CLI by appending the @beta-tag when installing it via NPM:

npm install -g prisma1@beta

Prisma server (Docker)

You can find the latest beta Prisma Docker image on Docker Hub. To use the latest version of a Prisma server, you need to configure the image property in your Docker Compose file accordingly by appending -beta to the the version number, e.g.:

version: '3'
    image: prismagraphql/prisma:1.35-beta
    restart: always
      - '4466:4466'
        managementApiSecret: __YOUR_MANAGEMENT_API_SECRET__
        port: __YOUR_PRISMA_SERVER_PORT__
            connector: __YOUR_DATABASE_CONNECTOR__
            host: __YOUR_DATABASE_HOST__
            port: __YOUR_DATABASE_PORT__
            user: __YOUR_DATABASE_USER__
            password: __YOUR_DATABASE_PASSWORD__

You can also pull the latest beta version directly using the Docker CLI:

docker pull prismagraphql/prisma:1.35-beta