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Upgrade to 1.16


Prisma 1.16 introduces a number of non-breaking changes.

Changing the suffix of datamodel files

The suffix of datamodel files is changed to .prisma instead of .graphql. This is backwards compatible, so .graphql will continue to work.

Introducing Prisma client

Prisma client is an auto-generated library that can be used to consume a Prisma API.

Generating a Prisma client

To generate a Prisma client, you need to add the generate property to your prisma.yml:

The generate property is used to specify how and where a Prisma client (or other files) should be generated.

The following generators are built-into the Prisma CLI:

  • Prisma client in JavaScript: javascript-client
  • Prisma client in TypeScript: typescript-client
  • Prisma client in Flow: flow-client
  • Prisma client in Go: go-client
  • GraphQL schema of the Prisma API: graphql-schema

The generate property expects a list of objects. There are two properties on these objects:

  • generator: One of the available generators from the list above.
  • output: Specifies where the generated files should be located.

Here is an example that generates the Prisma client in JavaScript and the GraphQL schema of the Prisma API:

  - generator: javascript-client
    output: ./generated/prisma
  - generator: graphql-schema
    output: ./generated/prisma

Using the Prisma client

Follow the updated Quickstart, check out one of the examples or read the Prisma client documentation to learn more about the new Prisma client.