Prisma Server

Database Connector (MySQL)


A database connector is the bridge between Prisma and the underlying database. The MySQL connector is used to connect a Prisma server to a MySQL database.

The core responsibilities of a database connector are:

  • Translate Prisma client requests into SQL
  • Send the generated SQL query to the database
  • Return the database results as back to the Prisma client
  • Perform database migrations (optional)

When configuring your Prisma server with Docker, you need to specify which connector you'd like to use in order to connect to a certain database. You provide this info via the connector property:

  managementApiSecret: __YOUR_MANAGEMENT_API_SECRET__
  port: 4466
      connector: mysql
      host: __YOUR_DATABASE_HOST__
      port: __YOUR_DATABASE_PORT__
      user: __YOUR_DATABASE_USER__
      password: __YOUR_DATABASE_PASSWORD__
      connectionLimit: __YOUR_CONNECTION_LIMIT__

Managing database connections

The connectionLimit property in PRISMA_CONFIG determines the number of database connections a Prisma service is going to use.

The connectionLimit needs to be set to at least 2. One connection is always reserved for the Management API, all other connections are used for the Prisma service.