Prisma Server

Demo Servers (Prisma Cloud)


Prisma Demo servers are Prisma servers running in Prisma Cloud. Usage of Demo servers is free of any charge!

All Demo servers are already connected to a hosted instance of an AWS Aurora database.

Demo servers are not to be used in production as they are rate-limited and have constraints in terms of storage.

Since Demo servers provide a free and shared environment for all Prisma Cloud users, they can not be protected using the managementApiSecret. To procect the data stored in our Prisma services that are deployed to a Demo server, you can set the service secret in your prisma.yml.

Prisma Demo servers are available in two regions:

  • EU (Ireland)
  • US West (Oregon)

In order to use a Prisma Demo server, you need to register with Prisma Cloud.

Service endpoints

The endpoints of Prisma services deployed to Prisma Demo servers have a slightly different structure than the ones for services running on "regular" Prisma servers.

A service deployed to Prisma Demo server has an additional path component in its URL (prefixing the name and the stage of a service), namely the name of the Prisma Cloud workspace.

Consider the following endpoint as an example:

This endpoint encodes the following information about the service:

  • The service is deployed to the EU region. (The US region uses
  • jane-doe: The name of the Prisma Cloud workspace.
  • myservice: The name of the service.
  • dev: The service stage.

Use cases

Potential use cases for Prisma servers are:

  • Prototyping
  • Learning
  • Personal projects without a notable user base


Rate limiting

Prisma Demo servers are rate limited to 10 requests per 10 seconds (on average).

If this rate is exceeded, requests are being queued in memory. If the queue exceeds 25 requests, an error is returned immediately.

The header field throttled-by is included in HTTP responses. It indicates how long the request was delayed due to throttling (in milli seconds).


The upper bound in storage capacity for a Prisma service running on a Demo server is 100 MB.



Before deploying Prisma services to a Demo server, the Prisma CLI needs to be authenticated with Prisma Cloud.

To log into Prisma CLoud from the CLI, use the following command:

prisma login

This command opens a browser window where you need to provide your Prisma Cloud credentials. If the credentials are valid, the CLI generates a Prisma Cloud token (sometimes called cloud session key) and stores it in ~/.prisma/config.yml as cloudSessionKey.

This token is used in subsequent requests to authenticate against the Demo server.


To logout from the Prisma CLI use prisma logout command. It simply removes the cloudSessionKey from ~/.prisma/config.yml.


There is no cost for using Prisma Demo servers.