Prisma CLI & ConfigurationCLI Command Reference

prisma deploy

$ prisma deploy

Deploys a service configuration to a Prisma service.

Every time you're changing a file from your service configuration, you need to synchronize these changes with the running Prisma service.

Upon the very first deploy of a service, the command will perform initial data seeding if the seed property in prisma.yml is provided. You can prevent this by passing the --no-seed option.

If no endpoint property is specifed in prisma.yml, the command will prompt you to interactively select a Prisma server as a deployment target for the service. After you selected a Prisma server, the CLI writes the endpoint into prisma.yml as the default for future deploys. To bring up the interactive prompt again, simply remove the endpoint property from prisma.yml manually or pass the --new option.


prisma deploy [flags]


-d, --dry-run              Perform a dry-run of the deployment
-e, --env-file ENV-FILE    Path to .env file to inject env vars
-f, --force                Accept data loss caused by schema changes
-j, --json                 JSON Output
-n, --new                  Force interactive mode to select the cluster
-w, --watch                Watch for changes
--no-seed                  Disable seed on initial service deploy


Deploy service configuration in current directory

prisma deploy

Deploy service and interactively select a Prisma server as deployment target:

prisma deploy --new

Deploy service with environment variables specified in

prisma deploy --env-file