Prisma CLI & ConfigurationCLI Command Reference

prisma login

$ prisma login

Authenticate with Prisma Cloud.

This command opens the Prisma Cloud Console where you need to sign up or sign in.

After a successful authentication in the browser, the CLI writes the cloudSessionKey into ~/.prisma/config.yml. From there it is used for all subsequent requests made by the CLI against Prisma Cloud.

Note that rather than providing your cloud session key via the --key flag, you can also set the PRISMA_CLOUD_SESSION_KEY environment variable, this is especially useful for CI environments.


prisma login [flags]


-k, --key KEY    Cloud session key


Authenticate with Prisma Cloud (opens browser)

prisma login

Authenticate with Prisma Cloud by manually passing the cloud session key

prisma login --key KEY

In the above command, the KEY placeholder needs to be replaced with the value of your valid cloud session key. You can find the cloudSessionKey in ~/.prisma/config.yml.