Prisma client

The Prisma client is an auto-generated library that connects to your Prisma service. Learn more in this article.


Generating the ClientLearn how to generate the Prisma client using the Prisma CLI
Constructor (JS | TS | Go)Learn how to instantiate Prisma client

Basic Data Access

Reading Data (JS | TS | Go)Learn how to read data using Prisma client
Writing Data (JS | TS | Go)Learn how to write data using Prisma client
Raw Database Access (coming soon)Learn to send raw database queries using Prisma client


Realtime (JS | TS | Go)Learn how to subscribe to database events using Prisma client
Check Existence (JS | TS | Go)Learn whether a certain record exists in the database using Prisma client
GraphQL Requests (JS | TS | Go)Learn how to send GraphQL queries and mutations using Prisma client