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Where and how to best seek help with questions & problems?

The Prisma Forum is now read-only. Read below for more info.
Please find help on Slack and GitHub for Prisma 1 and Prisma 2 (aka the Prisma Framework).

Hey everyone :wave: we want to provide some guidance on how and where to best ask questions about Prisma and its related tools (such as graphql-yoga, nexus, nexus-prisma, …).

For more context, join the discussion in this GitHub issue. The TLDR of the discussion is that the number of support channels has become unmanageable for our support team. So, we’re thinking about streamlining the support channels.

In general, please use either of the following to support channels to get a proper and timely response:

  • GitHub: Whenever you have a question, a bug report or another problem with Prisma or any of its related tools, please open a GitHub issue in the respective repository. If you’re unsure about which repository to target for your issue, the prisma (or prisma2 for all issues around Prisma 2) repository is a good default. For Prisma 2, there’s a dedicated documentation page that explains how and where to best share feedback.
  • Slack: If you’re seeking help from your peers or want to start a lightweight discussion for which GitHub doesn’t seem to be the right place, please use the appropriate channel in the Prisma Slack. With almost 20k members, we have a very vivid Slack where people enjoy helping each other out.

See you on GitHub and on Slack :raised_hands:

– the Prisma team

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