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Update Server version without Docker

I currently run Prisma without docker and cannot work out how to upgrade my server to latest 1.31.0

My beta servers always start at the latest version, but when i create a new production one, these are with version 1.23.0.

I am integrated with Heruko, and currently running into all sorts off problems due to the recent 1.31.0 new datamodel syntax.

any help would be amazing,


I’m not sure why this is not documented better somewhere, but I was able to upgrade my Prisma server on Heroku from 1.23.0 to to 1.32.2 by following the instructions here:

This required that I install Docker, which I’d never used before, but the upgrade was easy and I didn’t have any problems. Just make sure to read the comment following the one I linked, regarding running “heroku container:login”, since that step seems to be missing from the instructions.

I don’t know if upgrading a Heroku Prisma server in this way is correct or supported, but it worked for me.

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