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Thank you Nilan

Just a thread to say thank you to @nilan for all your hard work and contributions to the forum and user support.

I recognise that without your help on slack and here (especially in the early days) that I would not be where I am now.


Thank you @nilan for your patience and incredibly fast and responsive support, from me too!:grinning:


Thanks @nilan for your hard work and community support. I owe you a beer when I see you in Germany next.


Wholeheartedly agree! @Nilan is like the glue that holds Graphcool together with its customers! So kind and committed. So happy to be a part of the Graphcool community.

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Tnx @nilan for your hard work and staying cool during everything that was going on, I would’ve snapped long time ago tbh :sweat_smile:

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Couldn’t agree more. Thanks Nilan!


Totally, thank you @nilan

thank you @nilan, he is totally awesome

I want to Thanks to @nilan too :smiley:

Oh wow, I’m really glad to see this thread! I so very much would like to join in the thanks @nilan :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @nilan for all the work, help, feedback you give to us in every places (forum, issues, slack, mp, intercom …) :smiley:

As I’ve said many times before, and will say again, Yoda, Nilan is.


Hey all :wave:

I’ve been quiet in this thread, because honestly it left me speechless. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words. I return here whenever I feel in need of some uplifting motivation :raised_hands: This felt like the right place to share the following.

Tomorrow will be my last day working at Prisma.

I am thankful for everyone I had the pleasure to interact with over the last 2.5 years. I’ve learned from, and helped, literally thousands of people, and met countless of new and awesome friends.

I cannot express how difficult of a decision this has been for me. And how much I’m going to miss the team, improving the product, and spending time with this amazing community that has shaped me and helped me to evolve so much again and again. I think this was quite an incredibly exciting and wild ride. :horse_racing:

I’d also like to thank the entire Prisma team for their support of my decision. I am excited to see what they come up with next - and believe me they have some awesome things in store!

Right now, there are many things I want to explore, including language learning in general and Farsi specifically, poetry, dancing, travelling, cultures, and generally meeting as many people as possible :smirk_cat: I will travel the world and I’d love to talk and get to know you, so let’s meet somewhere for a coffee or two. You can find me on Twitter. I’d love to stay in touch! :blush:

With all the love :green_heart:
– Nilan


Thanks @nilan for all the hard work!

Thank you very much @nilan for all your help up to this point. I wish you the best of luck on your travels going forward :smile:

Can you cast a shed of light on why you are leaving?

I sincerely hope that the Prisma team are looking very hard for one or more new team members that can try to fill your shoes on the forums and repo issues, because I know for a fact that it has had a major impact on the popularity and developer traction that Graphcool and Prisma has gotten through the past couple of years. When tangling with new technologies and frameworks, there’s nothing more helpful than a team member that actively engages in the community at lightning response times.

I’m really going to miss Nilan-as-a-Service :wink:

@nilan Good luck with everything. Top notch support and technical knowledge. Let me know if you’re in Milan anytime in the next 6 months and we can go for coffee or a beer.

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Good luck with everything, Nilan !

Tnx @nilan for your hard work and staying cool during everything that was going on, I would’ve snapped long time ago tbh :sweat_smile:

Thanks nilan for your work