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Starter: Unified backend from independent GraphQL services using automatic schema stitching

Hey everyone,

I got hooked on GraphQL and generated strongly typed bindings. I feel there’s huge potential here for a shift in how we write backend services. :smile:

I created a clean, minimal starter to show how to use independent GraphQL services with automatic schema stitching:

It piggy backs on the .graphqlconfig.yml standard to derive all required information.

I’m curious in how others feel about the future potential here. I’m personally quite excited about the possibilities GraphQL, Prisma, Apollo, TypeScript & etc bring to the table.

Still, what I would really like to see (and maybe create myself):

  • GraphQL microservice structure with automatic schema stitching
  • Prisma with Postgres for hassle free SQL data store with strong bindings
  • Auto-generated strongly typed bindings for everything
  • User/Authentication/Permission system out of the box
  • Auto-generated CMS (e.g. Canner CMS schemas)
  • Auto-generated bindings for apollo-client, potential Next.js/Gatsby integration

All of this not as a framework but rather as a light-weight starter kit with a set of sane defaults.


I came here to look at evaluating the pros and cons of graphql over a monolith vs graphql over micro-services.

Looks not to be a part of anything ‘automagic’ that prisma does for you - although I’d expect that it could be - given they’re already doing code gen…

As of 12/2018 - it looks like the state of stitching is to not do it in prisma. :slight_smile: