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Setting Prisma Secret Does Not Work

Hey all: I’ve spent several hours scouring forums about how I can avoid the dreaded "Your token is invalid. It might have expired or you might be using a token from a different project.", but to no avail.

My setup:

  • Using prisma generate to make a Prisma client and connect it with graphql-yoga
  • Prisma service running on Heroku
  • Prisma service is pointed to an Amazon RDS instance

This setup works when I’m not using the secret property in my prisma.yml. However, when I add something like secret: mysecret and prisma deploy the service, then use something like prisma playground to play with the service, I get the above error. This also happens when I manually generate a token using prisma token and use it in an HTTP Authorization header.

What am I missing to make this work?

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