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Are there any plans to loosen the Prisma Cloud pricing structure? I’d love to be able to use Prisma Cloud for my future side projects, but in my opinion a $45 minimum monthly cost is a high barrier to entry, and I can’t consider using it for that reason. On the pricing page there is a claim that the pricing is ‘Pay only for the resources you need’ - well what if I don’t need 4.5 million monthly requests? Will you introduce pricing that really scales to the requests required (something like $1/100,000 requests), or is there an overhead to the service that prevents that?

Any ideas for your plans heading forward would be great!


Totally agree!

What about Firebase-like pricing model (

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Thanks a lot for your feedback everyone. There are no concrete plans to introduce a new pricing tier, but please stay tuned for announcements on our Blog to stay informed :slightly_smiling_face:

For now, two great alternatives are the free development cluster, or self-hosting Prisma.
Check out the many resources we’ve put together for doing so here:

We’ll continue to listen closely to the feedback from our community, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts :raised_hands:

Just adding my support for a more flexible pricing structure. I think all you need to do is lower the entry point of the plan, as suggested previously. If a customer could start at $10/month and then scale as you have the plan currently structured, I believe that it would help adoption for Prisma Cloud. If I invest my time in building out and orchestrating the various pieces of my infrastructure, I am less likely to adopt a more expensive managed solution later. Especially when it is only managing a piece of my overall infrastructure needs.

As a bit of perspective…I built out my current Django ‘serverless’ infrastructure on AWS, using free tier services and pay-as-you-consume services. The stack includes Route 53, API Gateway, Lambda, RDS, SNS, S3, and EC2, all within a NAT gated VPC. I can run my whole stack at the same scale as the Prisma Cloud private plan for much less than $45/month. Yes it took more work on my part, but I now have most of it automated and it is easy to manage.

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