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OS Window bug with prisma deploy and codegen

I’ve been all week trying to get prisma deploy and graphql codegen to work, so I decided to use Ubuntu 18.04 and it just worked, so it seems there’s a bug for Windows.

OS Win 1709.

Any word on this issue?

Can you provide more information? :slight_smile:
The behaviour you observed might stem from a huge number of reasons. More information, and ideally a step by step description for reproduction would be of tremendous help in finding out what is going on here.

There’s no difference, I did the exact same thing on both Ubuntu and Windows, Ubuntu works while Windows doesn’t. The exact same versioning for everything.

I haven’t changed it since it tried it on both, all I get is this, but doesn’t generate anything, but on Ubuntu works perfectly.

Running graphql get-schema --project db √
Running graphql codegen √

There seems to be a general issues with graphql codegen on Windows:

The information which is described in above is really useful but I have another issue which is related to my laptop when I tried to install firefox on windows platform it shows an error windows defender error 577, so I want a solution how to remove this error.