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Modularizing Prisma-client application

I wanted a more modular resolver structure for my application that uses prisma-client. Put simply, I wanted to group my files together by what area of the application they were dealing with, ie. auth/users/vehicles, etc.

Within each of these directories I wanted to be able to further discern that a given file contained mutation, type, or query resolvers.

I have a directory structure such as this:


The user resolver looks as it would in any prisma-client example:

export const User = {
  id: parent =>,
  company: parent => prisma.user({ id: }).company(),
  email: parent => prisma.user({ id: }).login().email(),
  displayName: parent => parent.displayName,
  photoUrl: parent => parent.photoUrl,
  phoneNumber: parent => parent.phoneNumber,
  notifications: parent => prisma.user({ id: }).notifications()

.query and .mutation files all declare their methods at the top of the file and export them in module.exports

async function login() {
  throw new Error('Not implemented');

module.exports = {

Then in resolvers/index.ts, the file imported by the main index.ts, we export an object with all of the Mutation, Query, Type resolvers on it

import { sync } from 'glob';
import { startCase } from 'lodash';

// Use glob to read all the files matching the given pattern
const resolverFiles = sync(`./**/*.*.ts`, { cwd: __dirname, ignore: './node_modules/**' });

// Build the resolvers object that is exported by this file
export const resolvers = resolverFiles.reduce((accum, file) => {
  const pathArray: string[] = file.slice(0, -3).split('/');
  const [name, type] = pathArray[pathArray.length - 1].split('.')
    .map(string => startCase(string).replace(/\s+/g, ''));
  const imported = require(file);
  if (accum.hasOwnProperty(type)) {
    accum[type] = { ...accum[type], ...imported };
  } else {
    accum[name] = imported[name];
  return accum;
}, {
   Query: {}, Mutation: {}

I’m sure it still has plenty of room for improvement, but let me know what you guys think! Hope it’s helpful to someone.

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