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GraphQL Shield - Permissions as another layer of abstraction

Hi, good people of Prisma community! :wave:

GraphQL Shield helps you create permission layer for your application by abstracting it away from logic and making it more manageable. Not only that, but we have also just released a new version of GraphQL Shield which significantly improves caching capabilities and its API. :tada:

You can read more about the latest version of Shield in our repository. Don’t forget to check out the examples section and create an issue if anything seems unclear!

Or, if you prefer a more story-like approach, check out the following article where we create a cosy groceries shop and lock it down for good! :shield::apple::banana:

Feedback and new ideas are more than appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Really cool and simple - looking forward to have a go with it since it might cover some of my requirements.

Maybe it would be valuable to add graphql-shield as a part of advanced boilerplates?

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