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Graphcool Framework Preview

Hi everyone!

Today, we’re announcing the preview of the Graphcool Framework which allows you to build Graphcool services completely locally from your editor & command line.

You can get started by installing the newest CLI via

npm install -g graphcool@next

Here is the full blog post:

We can’t wait to hear your feedback! If you have any questions simply ask here or in our Slack community. :wave:


This is excellent. Well done all of you! You’re making some amazing progress!


Graphcool is a game changer!

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You guys are insane! So good.

Let me see if I’m understanding the framework vs platform. With the framework, you could independently host a GraphCool project, right? So we would have the choice of hosting our GraphCool framework with GraphCool or on, say, Linode? (Kind of Meteor style where you can host on Meteor Galaxy or your own box)

I ask because I’m paranoid about tying my business to other businesses. GraphCool closing up shop and taking my business down scares me to death, but if I’m understanding the new framework / platform, then should GraphCool the platform shut down, I could simply spin up the framework on another host?

Is that correct? If so, that removes my last GraphCool worry!


@LawJolla @schickling has answered before that if Graphcool were to shut shop, their platform would be opened up in similar ways Parse did.

But their current direction of the CLI, it’s looking more and more like that’s the direction they’re headed anyways!

Happy building!

That’s exactly right, Dennis! I shared some more thoughts to a similar question on Medium:



While I understand and respect that, the reality is if GraphCool closes, its assets go to the investors where I’d assume that @schickling and others would have little to no say over wind down operations.

But the close down concerns no longer matter! So happy about this.

I kept my toe in the Elixir/Absinthe GraphQL water, but now I can go all in with GraphCool. And I believe in supporting those that support you, so you guys will be my host. Looking to deploy by the New Year.



This is awesome! :slight_smile: