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Graphcool Framework "empty.last" error

I’m getting these short and unhelpful error messages from Graphcool Cloud custom resolvers.

2019-09-05T11:42:55.182Z 1072ms FAILURE {
  "error": "Function invocation failed with: empty.last"

I’m suddenly getting this from several resolvers.
I created a simple Hello World resolver that just returns the string “Hello World”, but I still get “empty.last” error message with no text. This is from the Playground:

  "data": {
    "helloWorld": null
  "errors": [
      "locations": [
          "line": 2,
          "column": 3
      "path": [
      "code": 5008,
      "message": "empty.last",
      "requestId": "eu-west-1:simple:ck06nhlrv0n4y0142c0ulk0kz"

What is going on with Graphcool Cloud?

Update: This seems to be a widespread issue.
Several people on Slack (#graphcool-framework) has reported this issue on both paid and free plans.

This same issue ‘empty.last’ has our paid production site down for the last 4 hours as no users can login. I’ve contacted support multiple times with no answer. Our customers are not happy that they can’t login and without any response from support I’m afraid that I will be starting the process to find hosted GQL elsewhere. I wish was more reliable - this is maybe the 4th or 5th outage with them. It’s too bad because I think this could be a great service.

Harshit from Prisma said this on Slack today.
TLDR; It seems that Graphcool is closing down.

Hi all,
We have deployed a fixed for the issue. Please confirm that this has been fixed for you.

What happened?

AWS changed their logging formats for lambda in some regions. Here is a diff between the old format and the new format(Left is US and right is EU): EU has an additional X-RAY log which crashes this function which parsed the logs resulting in the empty.last exception: . Here is the Scala REPL for that function:

We have rolled out a fix now. This took so much amount of time as preparing a release for GraphCool is complicated and has a lot of moving parts across AWS regions.

Also, I would like to inform all of you that please migrate off of GraphCool as soon as possible. We will officially announce a sunset notice in the coming months and fixing issues which are caused by variables like AWS changes can take even more time.We like to apologies for the inconvenience you all have experienced.


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