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Feedback: Schema Extensions Beta

Great - a package.json will be even better than my proposed solution.

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Hi, I would like to be added to the beta. I would like to integrate steam authentication. Thanks.

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Does the beta support query on a specific Type?

E.g. sum on Cart type.

It would make more sense to provide an optional query type on a specific Type than on the global Query itself.

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@Jamie_Barton What you mentioned is part of this FR:

Is it possible to have the Schema Extension call back to my own server, not an AWS Lambda end-point?

@phil Sure, you can use the webhook feature to call any external URL :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

I really appreciate everything you’re doing and please count me in for contributing!

@nilan, Would it be possible to also invite me to beta? I’ve been already wrapping up my functions for social auth but can’t extend the schemas on the GUI nor in the console. Thank you very much in advance!

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I’m trying to follow this tutorial:

But it says that cannot query by facebookUserId on the User type

Here is the log:

    {"event":"{\"data\":{\"facebookToken\":\"token\"},\"context\":{\"request\":{\"sourceIp\":\"\",\"headers\":{},\"httpMethod\":\"post\"},\"auth\":{\"nodeId\":\"ciwo5i2n31vf30101nwua52dz\",\"typeName\":\"Customer\",\"token\":\"token \"},\"sessionCache\":{},\"environment\":{},\"graphcool\":{\"projectId\":\"cj4fak8lvrawf0192i7eufvxo\",\"alias\":null,\"pat\":\"pat\"}}}","logs":["2017-09-08T00:42:31.079Z: {\"id\":\"1609800585757706\"}","2017-09-08T00:42:31.838Z: {\"response\":{\"data\":null,\"errors\":[{\"message\":\"Unknown argument 'facebookUserId' on field 'User' of type 'Query'. Did you mean 'auth0UserId'? (line 3, column 12):\\n      User(facebookUserId: \\\"1609800585757706\\\"){\\n           ^\",\"locations\":[{\"line\":3,\"column\":12}]}],\"status\":200},\"request\":{\"query\":\"\\n    query {\\n      User(facebookUserId: \\\"1609800585757706\\\"){\\n        id\\n      }\\n    }\"}}"],"returnValue":{"error":"An unexpected error occured."}}

I already created the facebookUserId field on my User Schema

Could you post your schema?

Hi guys,

I’m having a similar issue with Rafael’s. Mine is a little different tho, but still related to FB auth:

{\"message\":\"Field 'createUser' argument 'authProvider' of type 'AuthProviderSignupData!' is required but not provided. (line 3, column 9)

After investigating it a little bit, it seems that once one disables the Auth0 extension, some fields / mutations don’t get properly deleted / updated.

Should i post a new issue for this on Git?

Update: or it might also be the fact that I have email + pass auth enabled which also generates the mutation that has authProvider in it. I’ll be trying to integrate both as I’ve got an idea for it and let you know of the result

Now I’m having the exact same problem as you…
Any solutions?

@doriandrn, @Rafael_Ribeiro

All authentication schema extension examples assume that none of the email, Auth0 or Digits integrations are enabled. To be able to use custom authentication, you need to disable all authentication integrations.

Hey @nilan,

Thanks for your quick answer, that made sense immediately and went for integrating my own auth flow for email & pass.
Although, now, after following the guide, whenever I’m triggering singupEmailUser which then calls createUser, confirmToken and confirmExpires fields seem to be missing.

{\"message\":\"Unknown argument 'confirmExpires' on field 'createUser' of type 'Mutation'. Did you mean 'confirmed'? (line 8, column 11):\\n confirmExpires: \\\"2017-09-09T09:01:25.937Z\\\"\\n ^\",\"locations\":[{\"line\":8,\"column\":11}]}],\"status\":200}
{\"message\":\"Unknown argument 'confirmToken' on field 'createUser' of type 'Mutation'. Did you mean 'confirmed'? (line 7, column 11):\\n confirmToken: \\\"......................\\\",\\n ^\",\"locations\":[{\"line\":7,\"column\":11}]}

Hey @nilan,

I’m not sure what’s the workflow to enable schema extensions but if I need special beta access my use case is Spotify and Email auth.

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It looks like there’s a mismatch between the fields on the User type in your schema and in the mutation you’re running.

Just reached out to you in a PM :slight_smile:

@nilan Hi Nilan, I would like to try out the beta very much. My use case is filtering data by location.
For example, if my query says I want all items located in France, items with the location Paris will be included, as well as those with the location Nice. I’m thinking of using the google maps api and compare location bounds with location to implement this.


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@nilan Hi Nilan, I’d want to try out the Beta ASAP.
My use case is facebook login integration.

Thank you!

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@nilan Hi Nilan, I would love to try the Beta too!
I want to implement a SMS-Authentification in my app and I found this:

Thank you!

Hey @nilan, I want to wrap an API that returns an array of items, so it will be possible to query for one item or all items.

One item:

query {
  Item(id: <SOME_ID>) {

All items:

query {
  allItems: {

Is that possible? if so, how would I define the schema extension and what would I return from the function?