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Docker: Getting your learn on

I’ve done my best to avoid Docker, but my love of Prisma and the increasing reliance on Docker broke me down. Stephen Grider is an instructor I’ve followed for years, and he just came out with his Docker and Kubernetes course.

I learned a ton from it! No prior knowledge required. You should be able to find a Udemy coupon for $10 floating around. Don’t pay more than $10 for the course.

Happy docker-compose up

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Thanks a lot for sharing this with the community, @LawJolla. Docker and Kubertenes are generally very powerful & exciting technologies, and work well with Prisma and our vision of making working with data easy.

On top of that, we are researching how a “Prisma as a library” (no Docker required; runs in separate process on application machine) could look like - if you want to keep track or share some thoughts, check it out:

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Now that I understand Docker a bit more, I understand its promise and value proposition. I don’t hate it… as much. :slight_smile:

Johannes mentioned a new Java feature that may let JVM projects run on machine byte code instead of inside the JVM. Is this issues based around that premise?

I think that would be huge for memory limited hosts like Heroku where running > 1gb is $250/month!

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually enjoyed this course as well! I liked that he covered other important technologies and tools as well that goes hand in hand with Docker.

Also, listened to your advice and took the course for $10, I used FREEDOM10, but I’m not sure if it’s still valid as this code didn’t work for some other courses I tried to purchase.

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