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Deployed Remote Prisma Server throws `unknown argument` error


Really enjoy prisma so far, I finished manually testing all my mutations and queries with a local playground, and a local server and all methods and authentication worked properly.

I then deployed to a remote server and have been since getting the following errors on all my mutations and queries without any changes from the previous local host build that was deployed to the remote server.

      "message": "Unknown argument 'menuItemId' on field 'menuItem' of type 'Query'. (line 2, column 12):\n  menuItem(menuItemId: \"cjzym18aa00ix0831g549k8jk\") {\n     

my query looks as follows

query MenuItem{
  menuItem(menuItemId: "cjzym18aa00ix0831g549k8jk"){

the relevant schema for this query is

type Query {
 menuItem(menuItemId: ID!): MenuItem

type MenuItem {
  id: ID! @id
  title: String!
  price: Float!
  pictureURL: String!
  author: User @relation(link: INLINE onDelete: SET_NULL)
  orders: [Order]! @relation(onDelete: CASCADE)
  transactions: [Transaction]! @relation(onDelete: CASCADE)
  createdAt: DateTime! @createdAt
  deletedAt: DateTime

My Graphql Code looks as follows

function menuItem(root, args, context) {
	return context.prisma.menuItem({ id: args.menuItemId })

I have deployed with

prisma generate and prisma deploy with my yml file pointing to the remote server, and the remote server admin pannel have the correct tables, although empty.

I would appreciate any clarification here as to what the main issue could be.

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