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Conflicting use of prisma-bindings and prisma-client in docs, tutorials, and example repos

I have noticed that prisma-bindings is still used in recently updated tutorials and example repos… is there a reason for that, or have they just not been converted and are on the to-do list? It has caused a great deal of confusion as I am trying to migrate to prisma-client since I have been told many times that prisma-bindings is only useful over client for schema delegation, (I also have problems with upvotes/downvotes connect/disconnect in the same resolver using bindings, which was a big reason for pulling the migration trigger).

When I see that an example repo or tutorial was last updated 4 hours ago and it is still utilizing prisma-bindings, it makes me wonder if I should be using prisma-bindings for that task. But then when other examples that use prisma-client don’t use prisma-bindings in tandem, I don’t know whether I should be picking one or the other, or using both.

I think it might be much less confusing if the documentation included both in one single server creation. I spent a while figuring out how to do that, just so I could use the forwardTo() function to set up pageProps. In general, I’m getting conflicting messages between what I take away from the docs, example repos, and slack responses from team members. Are they out of date or am I missing something? When they were updated within the week but still employ bindings it leaves me utterly confused.

Prisma, you’re amazing, and I hope this only comes off as constructive!!


Personally I use both. The client for things like checking if a value exists, and bindings to actually resolve queries. I agree the documentation on bindings is lacking, it should be on the main site as well.