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Closing Prisma Client to the Outside World | Handle Login attempts and Forgot Password

Hi there,

I’ve been building a platform for a while and now it is time to deploy. My Prisma Client is hosted on a EC2 and I’m using Cognito as the access control to my web and mobile apps. These are some of my concerns:

1 - I’ve started to create a permission layer with graphql-shield. But anyone that knows the server URL can see the “DOCS” and “SCHEMA” on the tabs at the right side, see image below. How do I close Prisma Client to the Outside World?

2 - Anyone that knows the server URL can try to login as many time as they like. How to limit the number of attempts?

3 - Once the user clicks on “Forgot Password”, Cognito handles the process to reset the password but how can I create a resolver to update the password on the database without exposing it to anyone?

Any help is appreciated.

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