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Chromeless – Headless Chrome Automation on AWS Lambda

I’m really excited to finally open-source Chromeless. We’ve used NightmareJS and similar tools before to run integration tests but these basically added ~20min to each build. With Chromeless we were able to reduce this time to under a minute!

Here is a demo playground to try it out:

I’m happy to answer any questions about this! :wave:


Hi Johannes,

Great work on GC and chromeless! I’ve tried searching but cannot find an answer:

  • can you explain how chromeless compares to google puppeteer?


Hi Peter,

Sure, I’ve already laid out some details in this comment on Github but this is basically the gist:

Regarding Puppeteer: We’re really excited about this project and it’s awesome that it also sees a lot of traction. @paulirish actually reached out to us a couple of weeks ago to see how we could collaborate. We’re planning to use Puppeteer under the hood as a better foundation for Chromeless to focus more on a higher-level abstraction and double down on the AWS Lambda (and similar) execution layer.

Awesome, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks again, Peter

When do we implement this function await chromeless.wait(‘div#loaded’, 1000)? Or can we change the waitTimeout option

Congrats on the launch!

when using chromeless, I don’t know how to scroll a div. I see that await chromeless.scrollToElement(“a[href*=‘alink’]”) work on scrolling the whole page, but I just want to scroll an element on the page

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Amazing, this is what I have looked for.