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Changelog: Week 32 - 34

Improvements to validation of JSON and Enum values

Queries and mutations on nodes that contain invalid values are supported in all cases, while several improvements have been made to prevent storing invalid values in the first place.

Full NPM Module Support

All npm modules are now supported in inline Graphcool Functions. Note that the version syntax is not supported:

// does NOT work:

// works, always resolves latest version upon creating/updating an inline function:

New Function Examples

The community contributed several examples to the Graphcool Functions collection :zap:️ This includes examples for integrations with Firebase Authentication & Twilio SMS Authentication and a wrapper for the SendCloud API. Thanks to all the contributors! :pray:

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I can understand why you only want to support the latest versions of npm packages but I could see it being problematic if an npm package is updated with breaking changes and functions that require it stop working.

If only a single version of each package is supported, I would rather it was locked to a particular major version number or even a particular version and only updated to newer versions with some warning to enable us to ensure functions will not be broken.

Thanks for chiming in @dankent! We’re aware of the shortcomings of the current approach and are planning to add package resolving using a package.json. I created an according feature request: