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Changelog: Graphcool Framework v0.4

Graphcool Framework

A selection of features, changes & bug fixes of this release:

  • The system fields createdAt and updatedAt are now optional.
  • Valid function names are now restricted to alphanumeric characters, dashes and underscores.
  • Permanent Authentication Tokens (PATs) are renamed to Root Tokens.
  • Schema Extensions have received a lot of improvements, and are renamed to (Custom) Resolvers.
  • A lot of feedback has been incorporated into the latest CLI beta version.

Read the full changelog:

Resources & Community

  • We released the GraphQL Playground on Product Hunt & as open-sourced it on GitHub. All API endpoints are already using the new & improvement version: Introducing GraphQL Playground.

  • A new GraphQL Radio episode is available. In this episode, Michael from GraphCMS shares why GraphQL is such a great fit for content management systems in general and what’s special about GraphCMS:

  • A new set of videos have been added to GraphQL Talks, including presentations from GraphQL Berlin and ElixirConf: