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Two questions here:

  1. I noticed some changes in the docs that weren’t there 2-3 weeks ago, about being able to now import any npm module into a Graphcool Function (which, by the way, is an amazing update). However the changelog I’m using to stay up to date with these types of changes doesn’t seem to mention it, is this the correct URL?

  2. Is there somewhere we can stay informed about upcoming, planned changes? Being able to see which changes are on the horizon will help to determine whether a workaround is needed, or if it pays to wait for the change to land.


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Hey Matt :wave: Thanks for bringing this up, I will include the update in the upcoming changelog. In addition to this, you can track all feature requests that you’re interested in. Discussions about feature requests and questions in this forum is the best way to stay informed. In my answers I try to be as clear as possible about current workarounds and future possibilities.

How do you like the changelog and feature request repository in general? We’re thinking about different ways to improve the communication around both of them, so your feedback is very welcome :+1:

In general they’re a great way to inform your userbase of major new features and changes they can start using straight away, saving us a lot of time having to trawl through feature requests. in fact, for this particular change, I wouldn’t have even though to search for a feature request as I’m focused heavily on other pieces of the platform for now… so that’s why its fairly important to make sure these new features are listed, as they are certainly time-saving features.

Another couple of ideas

  • newsletter with updates
  • more links to feature-request threads for context

Hey @nilan - I didn’t see any updates regarding the function runtime environment in the latest changelog

Thanks, I just updated it: Changelog: Week 32 - 34 :slight_smile:

Well… most of the NPM modules anyways…