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Boilerplate V4 🎉 (manual setup, hooks, apollo link state, tests, one-click Heroku deployment)

Hello :wave:
recently I decided to do some minor updates to my React Apollo GraphCool repository. I wanted to share it with you.

The repository was set up manually. If you want to know how does your NextJs or CRA app work under the hood this is the perfect place to find out.


  • I cleaned up all dependencies
  • enzyme and sinon were removed in favor of react-testing-library
  • react-router-config was removed in favor of react-router
  • now there is husky and lint-staged for code quality optimization
  • I removed some useless unit tests and wrote new integration tests. Also, I decided not to have any snapshot tests.


  • add typescript
  • write integration tests for edit/create post pages
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