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Boilerplate V3 (local apollo state - no redux πŸŽ‰, Heroku ready, unit tests)

Hey :slight_smile:
I just finished updating my boilerplate repository. I use React Boilerplate and NextJs a lot but I don’t like that these repositories are not beginner friendly. Also, there is a lot of unnecessary setup that can make learning graphql and apollo harder.

Github repository:


  • up-to-date libraries
  • no redux (redux is replaced with local apollo state)
  • unit-tests in progress (I want to add Apollo HOC tests as soon as possible other than that is has pretty nice coverage)
  • hot reloading and DLL files for fast development
  • DLL files for faster production application
  • heroku (production) ready
  • backend :heart:️(arguably the easiest way to learn graphql)

I will write more unit tests next week. Then I was thinking about adding authorization example or subscriptions example.

If you want to see something else, please, let me know in the comments. I will see what I can do. :slight_smile:


I just added minimal docker support. :whale:

Hey guys :slight_smile: I just updated the project deployment with Heroku and CircleCI. I should be able to spend more time on this repository because I just finished my GraphQL server.


I just pushed more tests. Coverage is now 96 %. The next step is replacing snapshots and then making the test coverage 100 %. :slightly_smiling_face: