Prisma CLI & ConfigurationCLI Command Reference

prisma1 login

$ prisma1 login

Authenticate with Prisma Cloud.

This command opens the Prisma Cloud Console where you need to sign up or sign in.

After a successful authentication in the browser, the CLI writes the cloudSessionKey into ~/.prisma/config.yml. From there it is used for all subsequent requests made by the CLI against Prisma Cloud.

Note that rather than providing your cloud session key via the --key flag, you can also set the PRISMA_CLOUD_SESSION_KEY environment variable, this is especially useful for CI environments.


prisma1 login [flags]


-k, --key KEY    Cloud session key


Authenticate with Prisma Cloud (opens browser)

prisma1 login

Authenticate with Prisma Cloud by manually passing the cloud session key

prisma1 login --key KEY

In the above command, the KEY placeholder needs to be replaced with the value of your valid cloud session key. You can find the cloudSessionKey in ~/.prisma/config.yml.

Workaround for Windows subsystem on Linux

  1. Go to the Prisma Console and create an account. Log in. Leave that window open.
  2. In the WSL bash window, run prisma1 login, and grant the CLI permissions as requested in the browser window that Windows shows you.

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