What usage metrics does Prisma track?


We're constantly trying to improve the tools that we build. A key component that helps us achieve better quality in our tools is usage tracking.

Usage tracking refers to the collection of anonymized user data ("usage meta data") that provides insights into how our tools are being used, and what problems our users run into.

What usage metrics are being tracked?

We're currently tracking usage meta data for the following components:

Prisma CLI

  • Metrics/Events: Every command executed with the Prisma CLI emits an event to our metrics collector. The event contains information about command that was executed and the CLI version.
  • Services: The CLI uses Sentry for crash reporting.

Prisma server

  • Metrics/Events: The Prisma server sends an hourly ping to our metrics collector. The request contains: Date and time, server ID, number of running services, Prisma server info (version, IP, creation date).
  • Services: The Prisma server doesn't use any services for usage tracking.

Prisma Admin

  • Metrics/Events: Prisma Admin doesn't send any events. It only tracks the number of users, sessions and bounce rate.
  • Services: Prisma Admin uses Sentry for crash reporting and Google Analytics for the remaining metrics.

How to opt-out of usage tracking?

It is currently not possible to disable usage tracking. However, we are working on this and it will soon be possible to opt-out.